Visiting a new church can sometimes be intimidating. We don't want that to be the case at Solid Rock. Hopefully the following will give you some expectations before you visit. 

What should I expect when I first walk in?

If you enter through our front door (glass entrance), you'll be greeted with a warm welcome and handshake, offered a weekly bulletin of announcements and information, and offered a cup of coffee on the house. If you have kids, someone will show you where their classes meet. (If you would rather keep your kids with you, that's fine too.) Just a few steps around the corner and you'll be in our worship auditorium. If you enter through our side entrance (Kids & Family entrance) you'll be in the middle of our KidsTown ministry area. Someone will greet you there and offer you a weekly bulletin too. You'll find coffee lobby area, and the worship auditorium is just up the ramp.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably. You'll see people in anything from jeans and a hoodie to casual business dress. Very occasionally you might see a tie or dress. The important thing to us is that you are able to be comfortable.

What is the service like?

We worship God. He is our focus. We worship God through singing, reading the Bible, giving (although as our guest, don't feel pressured to give), listening to a message taught from the Bible, and living out what we learn. You'll hear upbeat music that draws your focus to God--who He is and what He's done for us through Jesus Christ. Our music is similar to what you might hear on a Christian Radio station. You'll hear an engaging message that is from the Bible that points towards the good news of Jesus.

Who is the Pastor?

Don Chapin and Zach San Miguel are our pastors and you can learn more about them here.

Do you have anything for my kids?

Yes! Our church has a strong commitment to our children and families. Actually, about half of our building is designated for children. If you are bringing your family, you will want to enter through our Kids & Family entrance around the side of the building. There we have nurseries for the littlest ones, KidsTown for elementary, and middle school and high school programs for teens. We have preschool and nurseries through the entire 11:00 gathering. Elementary kids begin with parents for the first half of the gathering, then are dismissed to their class. Teens have their own class during Growth Groups at 10:00 and are with the adults during the 11:00 worship gathering.

Do I have to bring money for a collection?

As our guest, we don't want you to feel pressured to give. But allow us to tell you why we give: We give out of worship to God. Worship is giving... we give our time, energy, affection, attention, and money to the things we worship. Christians are called to worship God above all. So giving is just a part or our worship to God. If you do want to worship in giving along with us, we want you to know how it will be used. We have made a commitment that money given to Solid Rock will be used "so people can hear about Jesus." So whether it is through our missionaries, kids programs, community outreach, Bible study material, or just keeping the church building open, it all points back to people hearing about Jesus!

Do you have any gatherings other than Sunday morning?

Sunday morning at 11:00 is the primary time that we all get together, but we do offer other opportunities throughout the week. For a complete list of ministry opportunities, click here.

Here are some highlights:

Wednesday evenings we meet for Family Dinner & Devotions. We sit down to eat at 6:00 PM then divide up into groups (kids, teens, adults) for Bible study. Additionally, multiple times during the year we offer an 8-10 week long study series for Ladies, typically a weekday evening, and for Men on Sunday evenings. We think Sunday evening is an important time, we use it for Men's studies, Deacon Meetings, Family Meetings, and other special gathering times, but we don't have a regular Sunday evening service.

If there is something that is not covered here, don't hesitate to contact us.

What denomination is Solid Rock? What group is Solid Rock associated with?  

We are not connected to any specific denomination, so we are non-denominational. However, we are happy to partner with anyone and any church that shares our commitment to the gospel of Jesus. We are listed on the directory of churches for The Gospel Coalition and 9Marks, but that is so people can find us if they are looking and to have a better understanding of what we believe. If Solid Rock ends up not being a good fit for you, we recommend those two website as a great place to look for a local church committed to the Bible.